Why Scientists are Pessimistic about E-Cat Motor?

Could it be that Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat Motor will change the world? Eventually, maybe. Right now, Rossi has a long battle to fight.

When Andrea Rossi showed the public his invention of a machine that can generate significant amount of energy using cold fusion, he received persecution instead of acceptance. Most of the brilliant personalities in the world of science called him a quack and a fraud. How could this be? The world is supposed to be jubilant that one man had invented E-Cat Motor, which could be the solution to the world’s energy problem. To help us understand the negative reaction of the scientific community regarding Rossi’s invention, let us take a quick look-back on the history of cold fusion. More than twenty
years ago there were two renowned physicists named Fleischmann and Pons who started experimenting on cold fusion. Cold fusion offers a clean, cheap, easy way to produce unlimited source of energy; thus, it is considered as the “holy grail” in energy production. It turned out that Fleischmann and Pons’ experiment was faulty and could not be replicated. Consequently, their careers went down the drain and along with it, the reputation of Cold Fusion. This event gave cold fusion a really bad press. Up to this day, scientists are very skeptical about any studies or inventions related to cold fusion. This is why Andrea Rossi will never get a pat-in-the-back from the scientific community.

Now the E-Cat Motor is in the manufacturing stage, with one unit of 1 MW plant already sold and delivered to a customer. But the most of the scientists still say “It can’t be real!” Rossi does not care. He is building and selling E-Cat Motor to those who believe in it. If E-cat motor will proliferate, it will shatter some of the accepted laws of physics and scientist will have to reassess their stand.

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