The Revolutionary E-cat Motor

With the upcoming grand launch of small e-cat motor units for home use, let us start discussing about the many interesting ideas we can think of using this revolutionary LENR technology as a possible source of energy.

Let us begin with a tiny e-cat motor. The function of this device is similar to an existing boiler heating some circulating fluid. We can instead use it as a suitable replacement. All we have to do is connect it to the existing installed pipes without having to do additional hard work and it still works the same. Small heaters with sizes like a sugar cube can also be distributed around the room or under the floorboards. You can just clip them together to substitute a traditional radiator with a remote control device to switch the heating system on and off.  This new device can help us control extra financial expenses like plumbing. We can also make a hot water unit out of these sugar cube heating systems. It might look more expensive in the beginning but a lot cheaper than the existing boilers in the long run. These small units can be converted into one medium sized heating system. Moreover, medium sized units can be joined together to create a large heating system.

This idea might appear impossible because clumping small e-cat motor units together could lead to poor thermal power. It is absolutely true but we can improve the quality by wrapping a lattice piping water between and around each of the devices. There are many ways to maximize the benefits of this latest technology. The list can go on and on especially when these energy catalyzers are already available in the marketplace. For sure, once people start to see this Low Energy Nuclear Reaction device’s full capacity, various innovations will slowly emerge.

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