The E-Cat motor upcoming tests

The demonstration scheduled for October 28th are expected to be a turning point in the development of the E-Cat story.
Since early this year, public opinion oscillated from skepticism to enthusiasm and back.
But tomorrow will put an end to all speculations. The E-Cat will either work or will not. It will write history in the energy chapter or will reveal itself as a huge scam.

Even after many public demonstrations of the E-Cat, the public is not totally convinced. While many are enthusiastic over the new discovery, others continue to be skeptic and wait for independent tests to confirm the effectiveness of the device.

The tests performed by now have, indeed, lacked scientific precision and accuracy, but it is clear that a reaction that has never been experimented before is taking place inside the core reactor.

The public attention is now focused on the latest secret element of the story. The customer.
The company that will purchase the E-Cat after the tests requested to have their identity undisclosed, due to their particular nature, Rossi stated, affirmation that raises more questions than answers.

But the company who will, most probably, purchase more than just a 1 MW E-Cat, will also have the right to manufacture the device in mass and make it available on the market.
And their decision to keep their identity private is understandable.
The E-Cat is, by now, a device more fictional than plausible that is considered to defy all laws of thermodynamics. No company who worked on building a reputable and trustworthy image will publicly associate itself with such a controversial device.
On the other hand, keeping their intentions secret, would give them a head start on the market that has so much potential and is expected to be the investment opportunity of the century.

The tests on Friday will put an end to all debates and will provide a clear evidence of E-Cat’s potential.

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