The E-Cat motor ready to be tested

The test of the 1 MW E-Cat plant is very close and pressure is rising as people are focusing their attention to blogs and websites that provide more information about the demonstration. All news and comments are welcome on sites where people are hungry for information. Predictions are made of the results as well as suppositions on the identity of the mysterious customer.

One question remains: will Rossi make his theory about the E-Cat public? Earlier this year, when he started the discussion on this subject he mentioned that he is aware of what is going on in the core reactor and will share his theory with the world at the launching of the 1 MW power plant.
Questioned about this recently, he affirmed that he will make his discoveries and observations public, but at an opportune moment. Currently, all this information is confidential but will be made public as soon as possible.
Rossi seems to be willing to share his theory with the world, but the current events are most likely stopping him.

He revealed details about the amounts of fuel required by the E-Cat.
For the 1 MW power plant to run for 180 days, it would need 18,000 g hydrogen and 10,000 g nickel, equivalent of 100 g hydrogen and 56 g nickel a day, and 4.17 g hydrogen and 2.3 g nickel per hour.
For producing 1 kWh, the E-Cat will need 0.00417 g hydrogen and 0.0023 g nickel.
These minuscule amounts will cause all electricity and heating bills to drop to a couple of pennies.

Rossi stated that the last preparations for the E-Cat launch have put a large amount of pressure on him but as all details have been verified and all his work is done, they expect the tests to be a success, and to provide a clear evidence of E-Cat’s potential.

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