The E-Cat motor opens a whole new world of opportunities

Countless debates have been stirred by the Energy Catalyzed in the last months, and a conclusive evidence of its authenticity is scheduled for October 28th.
The E-Cat has the potential to change the world, promising energy so cheap that quantifying it would not be necessary.
The controversial device defies all known thermodynamic laws and theories and uses the cold fusion reaction, that was, not long ago, only a theory.

Cold fusion is also known as low energy nuclear reaction and in E-Cat’s case, it’s the reaction between nickel and hydrogen, catalyzed by a secret ingredient. The reaction results in copper and a high amount of thermal energy as a steam output. This output energy can be used for heating or can power a Stirling engine, that can be employed in numerous applications.
If the E-Cat is as efficient as it claims to be, all the details of our lives could change drastically. From the way we travel to the entire world structure.
And its effects won’t stop in Western Europe and America, even third world counties will be able to benefit from green, cheap energy.
And how will this actually change your world?
Imagine your house and your office heated and powered by an individual E-Cat. No more power grid, no more fossil fuels.
Transportation, will use steam engines instead of oil and its costs will drop significantly.
Industry will also be affected, imagine transportation, shipping costs dropping. Manufacturing will need much less resources with free energy, resulting in low prices.
Corporate order and strategies will have to be adapted to the low cash flow as well as the wealth distribution.
Politics will also suffer from the new discovery, as the power represented by the Middle East as main oil provider, will diminish. When oil’s main usage will be plastic materials, many world countries will be self-sufficient.

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