E-Cat motor test results: 10,6 Kwh/h output energy and no radiation emissions

These are the encouraging results of the recent Bologna tests that tried to prove the efficiency of the e-cat running in self-sustained mode. As we’re still gathering info about the test, a detailed article on the event and its aftermath will follow up soon.

But stick around, because we did manage to get some confidential info written by Christos Stremmenos after an early July test of the e-cat. That test was run by Eng. Andrea Rossi, Prof. Sergio Focardi, Dr David Bianchini and Prof. Christos Stremmenos.

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The E-cat Motor Founder Keeps The Public Up To Date

Dr. Andrea Rossi often talks about the first 1 MW plant, which is going to be launched in October. He has shown an unprecedented involvement with his followers on the web – writing, commenting, emailing, and blogging on a daily basis. Not many scientists today are so frank and open to the public so early in the development of their devices, don’t you think? They usually leave the void unfilled, but not Mr. Rossi. Continue reading