E-Cat Motor Heat Pump Is Currently Tested In Bologna

Andrea Rossi’s Low Energy Nuclear Reaction device is ready to heat homes. Inventing a home cooling and heating system powered by e-cat motor has always been the dream of the Italian inventor. It looks like the dream will come to reality in the Fall this year. On his blog Journal of Nuclear Physics, Rossi announced that his 10KW device for home heating purposes will be a steam powered heat pump: Continue reading

US Intelligence Community Interested In E-cat Motor

Using Low Energy Nuclear Reaction or LENR as a possible source of safe, clean and cheap energy continues to draw attention especially from the United States Intelligence Community. Scientific work and research confirms that LENR is real and it really works. NASA scientist Dennis Bushnell agrees. There are also various arguments stating that LENR does exist. Respected scientists recognize the credibility of LENR to produce large amount of heat without causing environmental pollution. Andrea Rossi’s E-cat Motor produces safe, clean and cheap energy using a small amount of nickel powder and hydrogen. Continue reading

What is in Store for the E-Cat this Year?

In what is a short summary out the E-Cat, Mark Gibbs, the editor at Forbes, declared in in his recent energy catalyzer device a very short summary of the energy catalyzer story. These are his words:  “The E-Cat is a Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) or “cold fusion” device that generates large amounts of heat for a miniscule cost. “ Continue reading

E-Cat Motor: A Hot Topic in Ca$h Flow Radio Show

Last December 29, 2011, Italian inventor Andrea Rossi was a guest in the Ca$h Flow radio show to talk about the E-cat motor. Many topics were discussed about the energy catalyzer device.  He also discussed the plans of Leonardo Corporation to manufacture the low-cost energy catalyzer devices. And what is good for the energy consumers is that they want the cost of the E-Cat motor will be inexpensive enough that it people will be able to pay it off in a matter of months. Continue reading

E-Cat Motor Can Now Be Used To Heat Homes

In a recent blog by Italian inventor Andrea Rossi, he has announced that the E-Cat motor can now be used to heat homes. This appeared at the Journal of Nuclear Physics where the inventor also admits that the Low Energy Nuclear Reactor cannot produce electricity until now. To show his confidence that the energy catalyzer device is now capable of heating homes, Leonardo Corporation is taking pre orders for E-Cat motors for home use and at the same time, they are not taking any money for e-cat units at this time. Continue reading

E-Cat Motor Ready For Launching By Autumn

Excitement is son the rise now that news of the commercial release of the e-cat motor was announced. We followed the development of the e-cat motor and how Rossi worked and fought for its credibility and worth to not only provide more energy at a lower cost but most importantly at a lower price in terms of nuclear waste. With the coming of a new year we are looking forward to enter a new technological era that will help us to preserve or world. We can all do our part by getting a 10kW e-cat motor. Continue reading

Rossi Speeds Up The Production Of E-Cat Motor

Everything about the mass production of the first commercially successful Low Energy Nuclear Reaction technology is currently in the right place. Andrea Rossi who invented the controversial e-cat motor said that they finally take a titanic step. The strategy is very timely since 2012 is fast-approaching. With all the copycat competitors out there, there is absolutely no reason in slowing down the process.  Continue reading

2012 Is The Year For E-cat Motor

In January this year, Andrea Rossi introduced his Low Energy Nuclear Reaction technology called e-cat motor to the public.  It received heavy skepticism especially from the scientific community however Rossi continued to make a series of rigorous tests to prove that it really works. On October 28 in Italy, Rossi’s LENR device wowed the world with its astounding performance. Continue reading

DoE Insider Believes In E-Cat Motor

It can be recalled that the United Stated Department of Energy was indifferent, if not skeptical, about Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat Motor. Thus, it came as a surprise when Albert Opdenaker of the US Department of Energy – Office of Science – sent an email to eCatNews.com recently. The content of the letter was very straightforward and candid. Albert Opdenaker has been officially designated as spokesperson of the US Department of Energy. However in his letter, he specifically indicated that his statements are his personal opinion about Rossi E-Cat Motor and do not represent the official stance of the department. Below is an excerpt of Opdenaker’s email. Continue reading

E-Cat Motor Confuses Mainstream Scientists

Scientists are trained to be objective in their experiments and to be very keen observers so that they can explain the outcome of their tests. In addition, it is a rule that if it has not been observed and replicated by reputed scientists, certain phenomena are not considered as real. However, there are some occurrences that modern science cannot explain until now. These are the so called hard sciences which are still being studied in laboratories until now. What is clear is that there are still a lot of things happening in our world which confuses our mainstream scientists.   Continue reading

Randy Hekman Is Skeptical About Rossi’s E-Cat Motor

Former Juvenile Court Judge Randy Hekman is vying for a seat in the US Senate. So far, he is the only senatorial candidate who included Low Energy Nuclear Reaction or LENR in his agenda. In his official campaign website www.RandyHekman2012.com, Randy Hekman outlined his energy policy in these words: Continue reading

The US Military Is Once Again Tagged As The Buyer Of E-Cat Motor

In the most recent feature article of Pure Energy Systems News, Hank Mills and Sterling Allan worked together in an article which highlights the effects of cold fusion technology embodied by Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat Motor. They discussed how the candidates will have to realign their stand on several issues and policies especially those related to oil subsidies and research on hot fusion technology. Continue reading

E-cat Motor Ready For Scientific Investigation

There have been some interesting things that have emerged recently on Andrea Rossi’s blog The Journal of Nuclear Physics. The most significant of all was that Rossi made it clear that his controversial e-cat motor is ready for scientific investigation but only when he gets his patent protection. This is fair enough in order to prevent fellow scientists from stealing his cold fusion secrets. Moreover, Rossi’s scientific theory is confidential and requires legal protection. Rossi did not mention what patent that would be though. But we already knew that he already has an Italian patent. The US and European Union patent applications are pending. Continue reading

E-cat Motor Inventor Works For US Department of Defense

Here is breaking news from the world of energy catalyzer: E-cat motor inventor Andrea Rossi actually worked for US Department of Defense since 2008. It was reported that the Italian physicist has closely worked together with US Air Force scientist Brian Ahern for a project that was not explained further. Rossi is yet to give his side of the story since he mentioned before that he never met Ahern. It was also unclear how long the working relationship lasted. Continue reading