Autumn 2012: E-Cat Motor Judgment Time

Andrea Rossi has said so much about his E-Cat Motor. We know that it is based on cold fusion, or better yet, Low Energy Nuclear Reaction technology. E-Cat motor is capable of generating significant amount of heat when, at room temperature will cause the atoms of hydrogen and nickel to be isolated and form new element. The by-product of this phenomenon is heat. Continue reading

E-Cat Motor Will Be Made User-FriendlyE-Cat Motor Will Be Made User-Friendly

There have been a lot of questions and speculations about how the E-Cat Motor will work as soon as it will be out in the market. In the recent question and answer conversation thread in Andrea Rossi’s official blog site – Journal of Nuclear Physics – someone named Italo R asked: “Are there inside that charge some kind of isotopes whose semi-life is some hours after pulling it out?” Continue reading

E-Cat Motor: To Power The Wheels Of Change

While many scientists remain skeptical about Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat Motor, there is a growing number of people who believe that this breakthrough technology can bring about significant change in human society. It has been mentioned before that an invention of this magnitude will change the world as we know it. Continue reading

E-Cat Motor Powered Trains: Will It Speed Up The Fall Of Oil Industry?

The invention of steam powered engines paved the way to the establishment of railroad system, making travel and transporting of goods faster and more convenient. In the 1830s, Baltimore & Ohio railroad system was set up and soon after there are rail lines moving across the United States. Continue reading

E-Cat Motor Efficiency To Be Optimized in Series

In a recent post, Italian inventor Andrea Rossi admitted that they are still developing on the efficiency of the E-Cat Motor as the schedule to start mass production looms near.  Yesterday, he gave some detail on this matter as a response to a writer who asked putting E-Cat in series to provide for an infinite COP:   Continue reading

E-Cat Motor: More Possibilities Coming Up

It all started with a 1MW E-Cat motor. Andrea Rossi made a public demonstration of his first commercial ready 1MW E-Cat motor to his unidentified customer last October 28, 2011. The following month Andrea Rossi announced that he intend to make and sell 1MW plants to fund for further research and development of his E-Cat technology. The plan to produce and market 10kW E-Cat was tentatively scheduled in one to two years. Continue reading

Home Furnaces Powered By Ecat Motor Cost $500

US based Leonardo Corporation plans to manufacture one million 10 KW e-cat motor units for household use within this year. Engineer Andrea Rossi, the President of the company, said that the energy catalyzer costs $1000 to $1500 with a guaranteed lifespan of 30 years. While the Italian inventor admitted that 10 KW is not enough to heat an entire house, he revealed that he is going to manufacture home furnaces powered by his low energy nuclear reaction device for $500 each. The said amount of each device per kilowatt is quite reasonable. Some people may be doubtful of the credibility of the device coupled with its unbelievably inexpensive price tag. It is even reasonable for a 10KW e-cat to cost $500 each thermal unit. After all, cold fusion or LENR is cheap. Continue reading

One Additional 1MW E-cat Motor Sold

While Leonardo Corporation focuses on the home-based e-cat motor of 10 KW that is the size of a portable computer, development surrounding 1 MW energy catalyzer units has been left unnoticed. In a recent radio interview on the Smart Scarecrow Radio Show, Italian inventor Andrea Rossi disclosed that one additional 1 MW unit has been sold to another unidentified customer, making it the 13th unit of 1 MW reactor that has been sold in just a span of one year.  Rossi shared a lot of information concerning the development and commercialization of his energy catalyzer. Sterling D. Allan of PESN was also present during the said interview. Continue reading

Bryon New Energy Charitable Trust to Support E-Cat

An organization called the Byron New Energy Charitable Trust, which is founded by a retiree, Sol Millin, is holding a forum to convince investors of the merits of the Low Energy Nuclear Reactor, also known as the Rossi energy catalyzer device. They will gather in a discussion about the invention of Italian engineer Andrea Rossi. Continue reading

E-Cat Motor to Be in Full Robot Automation This Year

New about the e-cat motor is always welcomed and sought after at this time in which almost everyone feels the consequences of the energy crisis and the every apparent burden put on the environment that inadvertently strikes back.  Many are very aware of the potential the Rossi e-cat motor posses and how this invention could revolutionize the way we live, survive and protect and preserve the environment. Now what everyone is looking forward too is the actual production and sale of the domestic 10kW e-cat motor. Continue reading

E-cat Motor’s Control Mechanism Designed by National Instrument

E-cat Motor seems to have finally been validated even if there are still cold fusion skeptics making some noise in the internet. One of the strongest evidence that came out to affirm the validity of the energy catalyzer device is the fact that the prestigious engineering company, National Instruments has announced their active contribution in the development of the Low Energy Nuclear Reactor, which is also called the E-Cat. Continue reading

E-cat Motor Is Compatible With The Cyclone Engine

With the increasing number of energy problems, many inventors are seriously dedicated to come up with a technology that could hopefully solve the world’s energy crisis. A new generation of inventors seems to make this device a reality in the near future. They are Andrea Rossi, the Italian inventor of E-cat Motor that hopes to produce safe, cheap and clean source of energy without environmental pollution; and Harry Schoell, inventor of Cyclone Engine that utilizes a regenerative process in order to generate power from superheated steam. It is reported recently that Rossi’s Low Energy Nuclear Reaction technology is compatible with Schoell’s next generation steam engine. Continue reading