Sven Kullander Gave Credence To E-Cat Motor

Hampus Ericsson reported about Sven Kullander’s lecture at Orebro University in Sweden last November 23. The lecture was entitled “Tomorrow’s Nuclear Power: Will It Be Cold Or Hot?” Below is an excerpt of the said lecture.

Sven Kullander talked about the different types of nuclear power plants existing today. The nuclear power plants today generates large amount of energy through nuclear fission. In simple terms, it means splitting the atoms of radioactive elements, such as plutonium, through intense heat. The chemical process involves a release of even greater amount of heat. The problem with this procedure is that it involves radioactive elements and therefore very hazardous to the environment and human life.

In contrast, he presented Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat Motor which allegedly generates large amount of energy using cold fusion. The process of cold fusion is totally opposite to nuclear fission. Cold fusion or Low Energy Nuclear Reaction involves fusing atoms of nickel and hydrogen at room temperature to produce a totally different element and consequently release large amount of energy which can be converted into power. This sounds really good because E-Cat Motor does not require radioactive materials and thus it is very safe to use. The problem is: cold fusion technology defies the existing laws of physics.

Kullander said that Rossi gets really upset when people doubt the capability of his E-Cat Motor after working on it for more than 3 years. In support to Andrea Rossi, Kullander said that there is no malicious scheme behind the E-Cat Motor. It is true that Rossi’s device produce inexplicable large amount of energy. But Rossi must learn to let go of his secrets so that academic scientists can verify his data and contribute to the development of this technology. He also said that Focardi and Levi are trustworthy people. It is impossible that they will support anything fraudulent.

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