Rossi Remains Confident With His E-cat Motor

Despite the recent press release concerning Defkalion’s cold fusion reactor named Hyperion, Andrea Rossi remains confident with his e-cat motor. With all the issues that he has been facing about his cold fusion technology, it looks like Rossi does not think that Hyperion is a threat.

Clearly, Defkalion had a great day yesterday when the Greek company announced that Hyperion will be on sale in the worldwide market by 2012. The press release information was vague and very limited. It did not give thorough explanation of the device. Juts like Rossi’s e-cat motor, Defkalion also took refuge on secrecy as though keeping secrets would help increase its sales in the future. Well, it is already a trend in the world of low energy nuclear reaction.  If you want to gain popularity, you have to play mysterious.  But we already understand Rossi because he has already explained his side. What about Defkalion? Are they trying to follow Rossi’s footsteps? Your guess is as good as mine.


In a press release, Defkalion pointed out that the company really made a working cold fusion reactor; that the objective is to put on the market worldwide by 2012, without specifying the month; that the product will be adaptable to the needs of both buildings, both industrial and agricultural holdings; and that there are already some sixty stakeholders around the world. Interestingly, Hyperion also uses nickel and hydrogen reaction just like Rossi’s e-cat motor.


On the other hand, Engineer Andrea Rossi gave a message to his former partner and delivered it clear and to the point: Warning: no one has ever copied our technology. This is probably a stunt to pick up money from unwary buyers. We just want to make you aware of the fact that we have no connection with any product does not have our specific brand and this product does not have our certification.


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