Leonardo Corporation: Manufacturer And Distributor Of E-Cat Motors Is Owned By A Trust Of Investors

Wannabe competitors just won’t give up on Andrea Rossi! The E-Cat Motor inventor had made it clear for the nth time that he will not have his E-Cat tested to satisfy the curiosity of individuals or entities, more so if these people are most likely to copy his invention and become competitors. It is almost laughable that this millionaire, Dick Smith, has the nerve to offer one million to Andrea Rossi to test his E-Cat. It did not say whether Dick Smith offered one million Euros or Dollars. But the point is his offer came a wee-bit too late.

One good thing that came out of this millionaire’s offer to Andrea Rossi is the new update regarding Leonardo Corporation, which came up when Rossi posted his answer to the test invitation. In his letter, Andrea Rossi clarified that Leonardo Corporation, the sole manufacturer and distributor of E-Cat Motors and other related products, is now a company owned by a trust of investors. With this set up, Andrea Rossi holds the position of Chief Executive Officer. It means that even if Andrea Rossi would like to accept the offer of Dick Smith, which of course is highly unlikely, he no longer have the sole authority to decide on such matters.

Andrea Rossi also explained that he cannot divulge the details of the 1 MW E-Cat Motor sales last year for the benefit of Dick Smith and other wannabe competitors because he is bound by Non-disclosure Agreement with the customer. This statement is really old and redundant. Those who have followed the story of Andrea Rossi and his E-Cat have heard of this since October 28, 2011. Everybody knows that Andrea Rossi is done with testing his product. Instead he is preparing to manufacture his products and have the consumers judge the validity.

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