Home Furnaces Powered By Ecat Motor Cost $500

US based Leonardo Corporation plans to manufacture one million 10 KW e-cat motor units for household use within this year. Engineer Andrea Rossi, the President of the company, said that the energy catalyzer costs $1000 to $1500 with a guaranteed lifespan of 30 years. While the Italian inventor admitted that 10 KW is not enough to heat an entire house, he revealed that he is going to manufacture home furnaces powered by his low energy nuclear reaction device for $500 each. The said amount of each device per kilowatt is quite reasonable. Some people may be doubtful of the credibility of the device coupled with its unbelievably inexpensive price tag. It is even reasonable for a 10KW e-cat to cost $500 each thermal unit. After all, cold fusion or LENR is cheap.

The cost of the rest of the machine like the metal cabinet, the controls, the thermostat, wiring and the like is even cheaper than the 5KW electric baseboard heater at Lowe’s. Without second thoughts, e-cat motor can save a large amount of money in the long run. It uses less electricity and neither gas not kerosene is utilized. Rossi could even priced the machine higher than the current rate and it will still sell. But, of course, the revolutionary technology is still a neophyte in the market and people hardly know it. It is always a good marketing strategy to begin with the lowest possible price you can afford.

Described as the size of a portable computer, 10 KW home-based e-cat motor uses fuel that is cheaper than the cost of the fuel used currently in other home heating devices. It lasts 4, 320 operational hours, meaning it lasts 6 months when consumed 24-hour non-stop operation. With its current rate, it is expected to attract customers who understand the potential uses of the machine.

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