Group Purchase Of E-cat Motor Highlighted

Andrea Rossi’s Journal Of Nuclear Physics website recently highlighted an entry posted by Franc Acland, author of E-cat World. The content of the message was about a group purchase of e-cat motor that Acland suggested to the Italian physicist in order to purchase 1 MW plant for public test. Here’s the copy of the entry:

Dear Andrea,

There has been some discussion on my E-Cat World Site about the possibility of creating a consortium to receive donations from
people for the purchase of a 1 MW plant for the purpose of testing and evaluation.

Once the testing was complete the plant could be donated to a needy organization in need of heat — perhaps a hospital, desalination project, etc. (you could choose the final recipient)

Would this be something you would approve of and cooperate with?

Best regards,

Frank Acland

It is interesting to note that e-cat motor inventor gave a favorable reply to Acland’s suggestion. Rossi answered:

Dear Frank Acland:
A Customer who buys a plant has the right to make all the tests he wants, obviously.
Warm Regards,

Following the story of e-cat motor can be very frustrating especially to those people who have been waiting for further test of the controversial device that would prove that it really works. However, Rossi already mentioned before that the October 28 demonstration was the last adding that the proof will be working products in the marketplace. The problem with the project is how to make it happen. The cause also needed a huge amount of money estimated at about $3 million to buy the technology. How many people are interested to donate for a device that is still considered premature? Although it is named as the first commercially successful LENR, Rossi’s e-cat still defies the law of thermodynamics that surprised the scientific community.

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