Fundraising Plan for E-Cat Motor

Andrea Rossi mentioned before that he will spend his own money until he starts selling E-Cat Motors in the market. Our guess is that Andrea Rossi made about 2 million Euro with his first customer. And in two or three months from now, he will deliver the second E-Cat Motor to another customer. By now, Andrea Rossi is relieved of some financial burdens. However, the work needed to further develop the technology, set up manufacturing plant, and marketing the product is so great and requires huge amount of investment. One option worth considering is for Andrea Rossi to issue public shares to raise the much-needed funds. In the past few days, Andrea Rossi has been dropping hints in his blog that he is on to it.

A certain Mr. Simon Basovich from Australia explicitly requested Andrea Rossi for information on how to buy E-Cat Motor shares. Andrea Rossi replied, “Ok.” We can assume that they will continue to communicate privately on how to go about the trade. Mr. Basovich claimed that he also has a lot of patent in his name mostly related to biomedicine. If we base our assumption from Mr. Basovich’s profile, it seems that Andrea Rossi’s prospective investors will be the cash-rich businessmen and corporations who are experienced in marketing innovative products.
Selling E-Cat Motor shares could be a very promising venture. But there are many things that Andrea Rossi needs to sort out for this to be successful, if he is seriously considering this. He may have to reveal the secrets of his invention to gain the confidence of his prospective investors. It will be very difficult to get people to put in significant amount of money to a product that is shrouded with so much mystery. Andrea Rossi must be able to give good incentives to his investors at the same time protect his proprietary rights to his invention.

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