E-Cat Motor Will Be Made User-FriendlyE-Cat Motor Will Be Made User-Friendly

There have been a lot of questions and speculations about how the E-Cat Motor will work as soon as it will be out in the market. In the recent question and answer conversation thread in Andrea Rossi’s official blog site – Journal of Nuclear Physics – someone named Italo R asked: “Are there inside that charge some kind of isotopes whose semi-life is some hours after pulling it out?”

Andrea Rossi replied by explaining the refill procedure of the E-Cat motor. Rossi said:

“Absolutely not, because all the activity inside the E-Cat lasts in 20 minutes and the shut down time is one hour. We have strong evidence of this made in thousands of measurements. This will be clearly understood when I will give open explication of the effect that is produced by the E-Cat.

Every E-Cat will be supplied with two refill charges, one inside and one for spare; after six months the customer will make easily the extraction of the used refill and put the new one, sending back to our local Agent the used refill; we will recycle it and give a new spare to the customer, so that after the next six months he will repeat the operation. We are making inventions by the day on our E-Cat and covering all by due patents. Meanwhile, the factory with the robotized line is becoming a reality. We are making a big job here in the USA.”

There are two important things that we can extract from this answer. First is that Andrea Rossi has figured out how to make refilling process of the E-Cat motor easy and convenient to the users. Second is the fact that production of the one million E-Cat is truly underway.

It is also good to know that Rossi thought about recycling the refill instead of buying new ones every time. That is truly commendable.

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