E-cat Motor War In Full Swing

Andrea Rossi is currently celebrating the success of his marketing campaign to reach 10,000 people or entities who are interested to buy household e-cat motor of 10 KW. The device is currently price tag at 400 euros per thermal KW. In just over two weeks, the survey reached its goal.

Dear Mr. Rossi,

As one who has signed up to receive a home plant when they become available I am curious to know if you have attained the 10,000 unit potential orders you are shooting for? Can you tell us the number of requests received to date, or if you have achieved your stated goals, yes or no?

Also, I would be happy to hear of your progress with the heat to electrical conversion for the household e-cat…

God speed with your endeavors for all mankind,
Neil Taylor

Here is Rossi’s brief but to the point answers:

Dear Neil Taylor:
1- yes
2- working strongly

From this online interaction through Rossi’s blog JONP, we can say that the home-based e-cat motor is already in the mass production stage. The latest development is very favorable to Rossi and his company Leonardo Corporation and if everything goes well, the device will be on sale for a little over one year.

Meanwhile, it is clear that a war for e-cat motor is also in full swing. A Greek company Defkalion that happened to be a former partner of Rossi in developing a cold fusion technology recently announced that they will be launching Hyperion soon. There was no mention of the target date but we have a feeling that it will be around next year especially now that a change in Greek law would help expedite the process of their device for worldwide use. The problem is Defkalion has yet to make a public demonstration for their equally controversial cold fusion technology.

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