E-Cat Motor: To Power The Wheels Of Change

While many scientists remain skeptical about Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat Motor, there is a growing number of people who believe that this breakthrough technology can bring about significant change in human society. It has been mentioned before that an invention of this magnitude will change the world as we know it.

The E-Cat Motor is said to be capable of producing significant amount of heat which can be harnessed to power industries, households, commercial buildings and even different modes of transportation. It only requires small amount of nickel powder, hydrogen gas, water and power input during start up stage. This is truly an amazing invention!

The only problem is: it has not yet proven itself to work. Andrea Rossi, the Italian inventor of E-Cat Motor, said it works. Sergio Focardi, Rossi’s scientific consultant, and a few other physicists from the University of Bologna said it works. But these people are all working with and for Andrea Rossi. It is not to discredit these respected experts but what this invention needs is independent people saying it works. It would have helped if the customers who bought 1MW E-Cat Motors will issue press statements saying they have used the E-Cat and it works.

Until this day, we only have Andrea Rossi’s words to hang on to. Those who support Andrea Rossi has been daydreaming about how much good the E-Cat Motor will bring to our society. If the E-Cat Motor will prove itself as a valid and working piece of device, then it will surely turn the wheels of change.

Imagine a world when every household has an independent source of power for their appliances and cars. Think about how much regular people can save without having to purchase fuel and pay electricity bills from the grid. If everything that Rossi said about the E-Cat, then we really are on the road to change.


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