E-Cat motor tests results examined

An analysis of the 6th October E-Cat tests in Bologna has been published by Motorola Solution’s representative, Bob Higgins.
He delivered the analysis to the attendants of the experiment and requests them to review the data and feel free to correct and improve whatever they think should be modified.

The analysis covers subjects as heat infiltration, water loss, insulation, final energy output.
As some suggest, the final result of the measurements could have been corrupted by heat infiltration from the hot water or steam of the initial input of the heat exchanger.
But considering the second water flow, who was crossing the secondary water outlet, exiting it through the brass header and had a high flow rate, the conclusion may differ.
Any possible infiltrated heat from the initial input would have been diluted in the secondary water outlet before reaching the thermocouple. So, the final result of the E-Cat measurement could not have been seriously corrupted by the initial heat infiltration, as it would have been terminated in the secondary water outlet.
The only possible error caused by the heat infiltration is a minor second order error, not significant in the measurements.

All observers conclude that the demonstration could have been more accurate if some improvements were made, but eventually, the discovery is amazing and the scientists are still trying to get the cert data from all the test observations.
Surprisingly, after the Bologna tests, even E-Cat skeptics changed their opinion from ‘It’s not working at all’ to ‘ It’s not working at a sufficient coefficient of performance’.
But the data published confirms that the coefficient of performance would have drastically increased if the testing period would have been longer, of about 24 hours.

However, everyone is excited about the results and the new perspectives E-Cat opens and thankful for Rossi who had no responsibility of displaying and defending his invention.

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