E-cat Motor Ready For Scientific Investigation

There have been some interesting things that have emerged recently on Andrea Rossi’s blog The Journal of Nuclear Physics. The most significant of all was that Rossi made it clear that his controversial e-cat motor is ready for scientific investigation but only when he gets his patent protection. This is fair enough in order to prevent fellow scientists from stealing his cold fusion secrets. Moreover, Rossi’s scientific theory is confidential and requires legal protection. Rossi did not mention what patent that would be though. But we already knew that he already has an Italian patent. The US and European Union patent applications are pending.

Once Rossi receives his patent, he promised to publish the theory behind the success of e-cat motor. He will also provide the details of its operation so that a definitive proof will be made available and put an end to all the bickering. Here is what Rossi said to his reader when asked about the theory of his Low Energy Nuclear device.

Dear Paolo Accomazzi:
I will publish the theory when I will have the protection of a granted patent, because the theory introduces to the confidential issues of the technology.
Warm Regards,

This is great news for Rossi’s e-cat motor amid the rumors and wild speculations that continue to dominate the cold fusion community. On the other hand, The Journal of Nuclear Physics blog was attacked recently by a mysterious hacker. The website was partially down as of December 17, 2011. It was reported that only recent posts in November 2011 remain available. Rossi said that his IT guy was seriously working on the problem but did not give make further comments regarding the identity of the hacker. Many wonder if the hacker was one of the critics of Rossi who tried to sabotage him.

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