E-cat Motor: No Tricks, Just Pure Science

With all the publicity around the e-cat motor technologies and with all the transparency and openness of the people behind it, there are still way too many questions that circulate around the web and media, to which Andrea Rossi, the man behind the e-cat motor device, as much as it depends on his timing and availability, attempts to give answers. Not many big names in any field are as open about their developments and as available to their growing followers and critics alike as Mr. Rossi. He seems to be sure of his work, and thus he is not afraid to show up and tell how it really is.

Some don’t understand how the self-sustenance of the e-cat motor works; whether the battery is used or any other trick that would set the motor running, as well as maintain its process. Way too many things out there are still unknowns in this groundbreaking process, but not to Mr. Rossi, who does not seem to be taken aback by questions, which at time seem to be repetitive and pointless. He takes time to answer, knowing that the grand test of the 1 MW e-cat plant will be the answer to most of these questions. There is no battery that sustains the e-cat motor, and there are no other tricks up his sleeve – the reactor is self-maintainable and it actually produces plenty of the energy. It’s all pure science, that’s all there is to it.

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