E-Cat Motor Confuses Mainstream Scientists

Scientists are trained to be objective in their experiments and to be very keen observers so that they can explain the outcome of their tests. In addition, it is a rule that if it has not been observed and replicated by reputed scientists, certain phenomena are not considered as real. However, there are some occurrences that modern science cannot explain until now. These are the so called hard sciences which are still being studied in laboratories until now. What is clear is that there are still a lot of things happening in our world which confuses our mainstream scientists.  

The E-Cat Motor is a Cold Fusion phenomenon that violates physics. However, scientists all over the world have been replicating the E-Cat in many forms and sizes. It has been reported that in over 500 laboratories in many corners of the globe, scientists are duplicating the E-Cat Motor. Reputed organizations like the US Navy and the Electric Power Research Institute have also revealed that they have conducted Cold Fusion research and have found out that it works.

What makes the E-Cat Motor more controversial is the controversy behind the original Cold Fusion experiment done by Fleischmann and Pons. These scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of technology announced more than ten years ago their discovery of the Cold Fusion technology. The scientific world hailed the discovery since the technology makes the production of energy cheaper, safer and more efficient. Controversy arose when Fleischmann and Pons were unable to explain the technology. Aside from this, they were also unable to replicate the experiment in front of reputable scientists. It is also believed that they submitted erroneous reports and the Cold Fusion technology became a laughing stock in the scientific community.

Today, Italian inventor Andrea Rossi, Brian Ahern and other scientists have revealed that Cold Fusion is real after all. Is this technology the answer to our world energy woes?

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One thought on “E-Cat Motor Confuses Mainstream Scientists

  1. If you are as frustrated as I am about the LENR situation and believe as I do that LENR is an important energy source that the world desperately needs, please read on:

    I sent the following email to my Federal government Representatives please add or delete your own thoughts on the subject, but please write your Representatives.

    “Dear Representative:

    Subject: LENR Fast Track

    There is a preposterous situation occurring within our government that I hope your leadership can correct. Our Patent office refuses to grant patents for LENR reactors because it is their position LENR is impossible. LENR has been demonstrated in hundreds of experiments by many scientists around the world. In fact, Mr. Andrea Rossi has demonstrated his reactor many times and it has now been demonstrated the reaction can be reproduced from his patent application. This bureaucratic or purposeful obstruction is stalling a revolutionary energy source the world desperately needs. Your leadership is required now to remedy the above situation and to put LENR patents on a fast track. Thank you.”

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