E-cat Motor and Every Other Part with 20 Years Warranty.

Andrea Rossi and his team offer the e-cat under the best deal there is on the market. Nobody else even comes close when it comes to energy prices and terms. If the e-cat turns viable, many will try to copy the e-cat motor technologies, then offer it at higher prices and worse performance. It does not make much sense on the business spectrum of things, but, just like in any other industry, this things happen and happen more often than not.

Keeping the secret around the e-cat catalyzer, Andrea Rossi makes sure that his device can’t be reproduced, as it’s basically impossible to do so with only the data available. Secrets, however, come at a risk – in this case, the risk is that his e-cat has cut the involved world into believers and skeptics.

As already noted, Mr. Rossi leaves no room for competition whatsoever. He speaks about great quality for low prices, as the E-cat motor technologies call on a great future to come with only 2k$ per kW. No energy competitors can come this close so far and, doubtfully, they will. As though that was not enough, there is more – a new statement was made concerning the e-cat’s 20 year warranty. It involves changing every single part in any e-cat motor that was purchased by home customers.

That is quite a statement, don’t you think? With the high breakability factor of every device known to humankind, with every one living in the century of consumption, one needs to be quite sure of his results to make a statement like that. 20 years for a technological device is not a short time. Now, that is a guarantee; that is assurance and the future awaits for the e-cat motor!

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