E-cat Motor’s Accuracy Is Confirmed Yet Again

Many articles, reports and blog-posts have been written concerning the e-cat motor and various details of its complicated and not-s-complicated processes. Some have been made public, some remained to be read and studied only by those, who devoted their lives to serve this purpose.

Some reports, however, were meant to be made public, but for some reason have not seen the light of day yet. One of such articles that recently were revealed to the larger audience is the report written by Sven Kullander and Hanno Essen. The information included there for some reason had not been published in online blogs and magazines before. It underlines the simple – and yet so profound – principles on which, the e-cat motor works concerning the temperature it operates with.

There is no coherent answer, however, as to why this report was omitted. Since its publication other independent scientists (that is scientists not involved in the e-cat technologies) have proved the report to be true concerning its evidence. On account of this info given, it appears that the calculations relating to steam are of secondary importance, as long as the calculations (which are not in the realm of the rocket science by any means) of the waterflow. And it appears to be precise, and with so much double checking and testing an error in the calculations is hardly possible.

It makes sense that the e-motor’s accuracy has been confirmed yet again – according to the e-cat technology scientists it can’t be wrong, which they will prove to the world in October, when their 1 MW e-cat plant will be tested. They sound rather optimistic about their calculations as well as about the brainchild in question.

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