Bryon New Energy Charitable Trust to Support E-Cat

An organization called the Byron New Energy Charitable Trust, which is founded by a retiree, Sol Millin, is holding a forum to convince investors of the merits of the Low Energy Nuclear Reactor, also known as the Rossi energy catalyzer device. They will gather in a discussion about the invention of Italian engineer Andrea Rossi.

As some of us know, Rossi has claimed to have developed a machine that can produce large amounts of energy, which he calls E-Cat. Andrea Rossi is expected to appear via Skype to participate in the discussion. Entrepreneur Dick Smith will also participate by sending aerospace engineer Ian Bryce to assess the machine on his behalf. On his part, Mr Bryce is a member of the Australian Skeptics with long experience in testing the scientific veracity of new and unconventional inventions. He is expected to give the Rossi group the amount of $200,000 if he is convinced of its merits in solving the world’s energy concerns.

If all goes well, the world’s energy crisis will probably find a solution in the auditorium of the Mullumbimby. Dr Rossi works for the US based Leonardo Corporation and his E-Cat device is believed to use up only a small amount of energy that drives a reaction between atoms of hydrogen and nickel. Through an unknown scientific reaction, the device will then generate a large amount of energy which far exceeds its initial energy input.

The support from the Bryon New Energy Charitable Trust comes at a time when Leonardo Corporation is poised to start mass production of the Rossi energy catalyzer device. They have already announced that their goal is to start production of a million E-Cat by autumn of this year. They also hope to begin distribution before the year ends.

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