Autumn 2012: E-Cat Motor Judgment Time

Andrea Rossi has said so much about his E-Cat Motor. We know that it is based on cold fusion, or better yet, Low Energy Nuclear Reaction technology. E-Cat motor is capable of generating significant amount of heat when, at room temperature will cause the atoms of hydrogen and nickel to be isolated and form new element. The by-product of this phenomenon is heat.

Sounds amazing but the scientific community cried: Impossible! Andrea Rossi replied: Who cares? It is true.

Until this moment, we do not know who is right in their claims. Andrea Rossi has not yet provided anything that can be objectively verified. And he made sense when he said he does not have a patent to protect his proprietary rights so he cannot show his secret to others. At the same time, the call of the scientific community for independent and academic verification is also valid. As men of science, it is their duty to challenge any new inventions or theory which clearly defies the long accepted laws of physics.

If the E-Cat Motor will prove to be as it is claimed, then it is a point in favor of Andrea Rossi. Otherwise, he will lose everything that he has. And right now, he has put his reputation in the line to develop and commercialize his technology. A few days before the year 2011 ended, Andrea Rossi announced that he will manufacture one million E-Cat motors and will market it by autumn/winter 2012.

The first E-Cat motor products will be in the form of 10kW and 1kW heaters. Andrea Rossi said that he will make the heaters available in the market by winter 2012, so that the mass population of consumers will experience the benefits of the E-Cat sooner. The best that the public can do now is to wait and see what happens next. Autumn/winter 2012 will be the judgment day for Rossi.

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