Andrea Rossi Is Building E-Cat Motor Robotized Production Line

There is a sense of urgency in the way Andrea Rossi answered one of the comments posted by a reader of the “Journal of Nuclear Physics”. The reader asked Rossi why is has started building the production line for the E-Cat motor before he could get the safety certification from the Underwriters labs as this could mean he will have to change the production set up once the UL requires modification. Rossi explained the reason by saying:

“Good question. Yes, I am taking risks. But a robotized line is reprogrammable for the particulars. We expect modification. But as you correctly wrote, if we wait the end of the certification process to start the preparation of the factory we risk the delay. As you correctly said, I am taking risks but these are calculated risks. A delay would cost more than a modification.”

Once again, the E-Cat Motor inventor has shown himself to be smart enough to have thought of everything. Andrea Rossi knew that applying for certification would take a lot of time. In order to deliver one million E-Cat motors to the general consumers by autumn or winter of this year, he has to start preparing the factory. It is also brilliant that the production line will be robotized, not only to ensure precision and consistency but also to enable modification with minimal costs.

Delay in the production of E-Cat Motors will give Andrea Rossi’s competitors the benefit of overtaking him in the introduction of LENR technology into the market. Being the inventor of the E-Cat and the forerunner of LENR technology, it is imperative that he maintain his leadership.

From the point of view of the consumers, it is not so much important as who will put the LENR products in the market shelves first, be it Rossi or the competitors. If it’s on the shelves, it means it works. And if it works, they will buy it.

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