And the Question is: How on Earth will Rossi Distribute E-Cat Motor to the World?

Andrea Rossi has been talking about his plan to offer cheap and clean energy to the world. He also talked about his plan to organize his company, Leonardo Corporation, to be the sole distributor of products centered on the technology of E-Cat Motor. But then, we also heard him talk about his intention to sell shares of his company so that more people can participate in this breakthrough enterprise. Andrea Rossi must be weighing all possible options presented to him at the moment and soon enough we hope to find out what course of action he will choose to take.

There is a saying that goes: A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. If we apply this metaphor on the E-Cat Motor story, Andrea Rossi has taken the first step. If he keeps on walking, he will surely arrive at his destination; but there are still so much miles ahead to travel. Only Andrea Rossi can decide how he wants to get to his destination. He could travel by foot on his own or he could ride on a bus with a few people on it to arrive faster.
More heads are better than one. This is another idiom that can well be applied to Rossi’s E-Cat. Building E-Cat for the world can be likened to building a house. The task can be accomplished with ease and speed if more people help out. If you build a house alone, it will be very difficult and will take so long to finish.
The point I am driving at is that if Andrea Rossi truly wants to be of service to the world in this generation through the E-Cat Motor, he should seriously consider getting help from some people; especially because the fulfillment of his goal can be achieve faster with more help.

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