E-Cat Motor Saga: Sci-Fi/Suspense Flick

If Steven Spielberg would be so interested to make a movie out of the E-Cat Motor story, it would fall under the category of sci-fi/suspense flick. For the last two decades or so, the world has been searching for alternative source of energy, which is clean, cheap and safe. Now that there are people who came up with theories and inventions for alternative energy, so many obstacles are hurled their way dragging the development of the technology. Continue reading

E-Cat Motor Will Soon Be Manufactured In Massachusetts

Last week, Andrea Rossi met with Senator Bruce Tarr of Massachusetts. It can be recalled that a couple of weeks ago, Senator Bruce Tarr expressed his interest with E-Cat Motor as an alternative source of clean and green energy. He mentioned that he is willing to give time and money if the technology will be developed and manufactured in the State of Massachusetts. Continue reading

E-cat Motor Reports Given By NASA Scientists

When Andrea Rossi said that there will be a demonstration of his e-cat motor on October 28 at the University in Bologna, many people expressed their excitement and hoped for its positive response. A few days after, we learned from the Italian inventor that it will be a private test set by his secret customer. Invitations were limited only to scientific scientists and reliable journalists. Many people were disappointed and the technology continued to receive a great deal of skepticism as a result of its mysterious work. Speculations regarding the identity of the discreet customer surfaced. NASA was among the suspected first customers of Rossi’s e-cat technology. NASA did not give an official statement despite the mounting rumors. So, it is quite surprising that recent reports given by NASA scientists have been released. Continue reading

Q&A Concerning E-cat Motor Video In JONP

The latest development in Andrea Rossi’s e-cat motor puts so much emphasis on the Italian inventor’s controversial statements in his Journal of Nuclear Physics site when asked about the plan of putting a live streaming video of his cold fusion device. Here is the series of interaction posted online where Rossi answered every question straightforwardly: Continue reading

Rossi Remains Confident With His E-cat Motor

Despite the recent press release concerning Defkalion’s cold fusion reactor named Hyperion, Andrea Rossi remains confident with his e-cat motor. With all the issues that he has been facing about his cold fusion technology, it looks like Rossi does not think that Hyperion is a threat.

Continue reading

Flash Summit 2011 Press Release Boosts E-Cat Motor

E-Cat Motor, be it a 1 MW plant or the 10 kW household version, is expected to hit the market big very soon. Like a stock price going on an all-time high after a press release of extremely good net profit. Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat motor will sure benefit from the publication of Professor Ahern’s upcoming lecture at the Flash Summit 2001 on December 7, 2011 in New York. Continue reading