Wednesday 30th, November, 2011

Today, and through our company website, Praxen – Defkalion Green Technologies Global has disclosed its current work on Nickel and Hydrogen exothermic  reaction using Chemically Assisted Low Energy Nuclear Reactions. Continue reading

10 kW E-Cat Motor To Hit The Market Sooner

Previously, Andrea Rossi informed the public that his priority was the production of the 1 MW E-Cat Motor due to growing number of confirmed orders. It is in fact essential in his fundraising plan to sell 1MW plants and use the proceeds to build his factory and other infrastructure needed for his E-Cat business. When asked about his timetable to introduce the household version of E-Cat to the market, he said in about 2 to 3 years. Continue reading

E-Cat Motor Commercialization: In the Crossroads

Recently, the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change through its correspondence unit, has expressed interest in the development of E-Cat Motor technology development. In their official statement, it mentioned that the department’s Chief Scientific Adviser, David MacKay, read some literature about the E-Cat Motor and has spoken to Sven Kulander – who made a review on one of the tests conducted by Andrea Rossi and published it in Defkalion website. David MacKay recommends that UK Department of Energy and Climate Change should continue to monitor the development of the technology and will take action as soon as the full details of the experiment will be published with full details in reputable scientific journals to encourage replication by academic scientists.

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E-Cat Motor Captured the UK DECC Attention

According to the Free Energy Truth, the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change has been monitoring the development of Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat Motor. The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) is UK’s equivalent to the Department of Energy (DoE) of the US. In response to Free Energy Truth’s inquiry, DECC issued a memo in behalf of DECC Chief Scientific Adviser, David MacKay. The content of the memo is as follows:

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Swedish Physicists Behind

Thanks to the Swedish technology magazine Ny Teknik, we now know exactly who’s behind the freshly launched Mats Lewan interviewed Magnus Holm, the CEO of the company behind the e-cat portal and found out more about its mission and goals regarding the e-cat tehnology.

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E-Cat Motor on Techno-Map

It has been made clear by Andrea Rossi that he wants to give the world a source of cheap and clean energy through his break through E-Cat Motor. He also hopes that by building manufacturing factories for his E-Cat, he will create many jobs. As it turns out, at least for the time being, Andrea Rossi chose a very constricting business model that will most likely prolong the realization of his goals.

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TedX Bologna – Sergio Focardi speaks about Cold Fusion and the E-cat Motor

Professor Emeritus of the Department of Physics at the University of Bologna, Sergio Focardi contributed to the development of the E-cat, the amazing device that produces energy in a process that it’s still barely known.

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The Green Light is On for E-Cat Motor Production

Daniele Passerini was reported to have said that negotiations between National Instruments and Andrea Rossi started since April. National Instruments is a reputable company that manufactures specialized components of high-tech machineries. It is said that this company will build the control equipment for Andrea Rossi E-Cat Motor. With this new development comes a new issue that critics will take advantage of to bring down Andrea Rossi. That cannot be helped because we do not know the details of the agreement between the two parties. At this point, we have to be cautious in making assumptions.

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