Cold Fusion Now talks E-Cat Motor With Rossi

Ruby Carat for Cold Fusion Now web news blog paid Andres Rossi at the Leonardo Crop. Florida Office a visit for a one on one interview. One of the biggest issues discussed was E-Cat motor safety. U.S e-cat patrons and scientists working with Rossi voiced that due to the presence of a hydrogen tank, getting a certification will be very difficult. When Rossi was asked the importance of adapting new Ideas to new information Ross applied a quiet simple but apt metaphor saying that “The water of a river is never the same” as scientists “you must always re-examine the things the water brought in and understand it.” Continue reading

Rossi Reveals The Next Milestone For E-cat Motor

When asked about what the next milestone for e-cat motor, Italian inventor Andrea Rossi said ““self sustained using self produced electricity = infinite energy: the dream of Tesla (and mine)”. Since he has been working with the Siemens turbine, Rossi has been very positive on his plan to take the LENR technology to the ultimate level – the production of unlimited electricity. Of course, it requires a huge amount of money. In fact, he revealed that $30 million is needed for an infinite COP plant producing 7.5 MW electrical power. The good thing is Siemens turbine allows efficient production of electricity at low steam temperatures. Continue reading

Updated Information Surrounding E-cat Motor

Updated information about the latest e-cat motor developments made by the Italian inventor Andrea Rossi recently took the spotlight. The public has been waiting for Rossi to make an official statement regarding the status of his device. It is good to know that Rossi responded with a comprehensible list. Continue reading

E-Cat Motor Stirs Mixed Attitudes

The E-Cat motor has been out of the bag over good over a year now with its inventor, Andrea Rossi being as forthcoming and transparent as possible. He has been sharing the latest news and updates about the energy catalyser device. In the course of these developments, several controversial news and issues ensued which were always solved, and discredited.  Did all this affect the attitude of the readers and followers in general about the E-Cat? Continue reading

Rossi E-Cat Motor Is Done Proving Itself For Now

Rossi recently entertained a series of questions on his website about the care, usage and application of the E-Cat motor and also confirmed that Leonardo Corporation’s manufacturing plant is being completed at a a secret location in the U.S.  Even at this stage the Italian Inventor is being pestered by many about proving that the E-Cat motor really functions as described and promised. It is very well possible that some of the doubters work for competing hydro nickel fusion companies which are only trying to procure information through spying or communication with sources from Leonardo Corporation. The company is preparing to mass produce the Home E-Cat and of which Andrea Rossi is CEO. Continue reading

E-Cat Motor Still Requires External Power Source

As the commercialization of the E-Cat motor is expected to help consumers save some amounts of money in electric bills, some concerns are raised about the fact that it still requires an external power source. A reader at Italian inventor Andrea Rossi’s Journal Of Nuclear Physics blog recently made the following comment: Continue reading

Is the E-Cat Motor Worth the Investment Now?

The E-Cat motor manufacturing plant is under construction and the robotics need to make it a fully automated operation is well underway. Recently Rossi hosted an E-Cat motor demonstration in the U.S. which was deemed a success. It did not go unnoticed that there were no energy level measurement tests but Rossi explained that the demo did not need it since it serve a more commercial purpose and promised to execute these test during the demonstrations to follow. Continue reading

Domestic E-Cat Motor Prototype Revealed

News on updates reported about the latest developments of the e-cat motor. One 1MW E-Cat motor plant has recently been delivered and assembled to an anonymous military related client. On February 20 e-cat demonstration to share the recent developments and changes that were made since last year was made. One of the demo participants was a chemist by the name of Roland Pettersson a retired Associate Professor at the University of Uppsala and also was able to attend a cold fusion device demo with Rossi in 2011. Continue reading

E-Cat Motor Research Swam Against All Odds

A quiet enlightening article was published the Canadian Foreign Policy Journal. Written by Doctor in Physics Stoyan Sarg who has worked at NASA for several decades wrote about the corrupt state of scientific research and development.  He argues that there have been no significant new developments in the area of physics in the past two decades and blames this on twisted bureaucratic pathways. The holdup occurs, Sarg explains, when researches do not publish papers in peer reviewed scientific journals have no chance to avail of grants to allow them to work and develop their ideas. Continue reading

E-Cat Motor Can Revolutionize 21st Century Agriculture

A long time ago in some Mediterranean villages, increasing population became the stimulus for philosophy and science to develop. At that time, village elders decided that problems caused by increasing population can be solved by shipping off a portion of the tribe’s population to another location. This is because the strain food production is not enough to feed everyone so that other tribe members are sometimes sent away forcefully to form a new colony somewhere. Continue reading

Rossi Wants To Work In Peace On The E-cat Motor

The latest development regarding Andrea Rossi’s e-cat motor, he continues to inform the e-cat enthusiasts that he really wants to work in peace on the technology. Probably, Rossi already had enough of the fuss following his plan to mass produce home-based energy catalyzers of 10 KW. Unfortunately, many skeptics took advantage of this episode and started to spread cheap falseness about the commercialization of e-cat. Some people commented that the whole e-cat story is a big lie. This kind of rumor should be taken seriously however Rossi seems to appear unaffected lately. Continue reading

Rossi Assures Mass Commercialization Of E-cat Motor

New Energy Times reported that a National Instruments spokesperson stated that Leonardo Corporation is no longer a customer of NI. The latest news about the development of e-cat motor received wide attention so that Andrea Rossi had to answer a lot of inquiries concerning its validity. In his JONP blog, the Italian inventor made the following comments: Continue reading

No Commercial License Of E-cat Motor In Russia And Japan Yet

In preparation to the upcoming production and sales of Andrea Rossi’s e-cat motor, Leonardo Corporation has been busy working on the commercial licensing policy of their technology. In fact, Rossi revealed that practically all of the world’s territories have already been licensed exceptRussia andJapan. The Italian inventor admitted thatRussia andJapan are two of the most important territories however they still have not yet found the right license in the said territories. Continue reading

Andrea Rossi Is Building E-Cat Motor Robotized Production Line

There is a sense of urgency in the way Andrea Rossi answered one of the comments posted by a reader of the “Journal of Nuclear Physics”. The reader asked Rossi why is has started building the production line for the E-Cat motor before he could get the safety certification from the Underwriters labs as this could mean he will have to change the production set up once the UL requires modification. Rossi explained the reason by saying: Continue reading

Leonardo Corporation: Manufacturer And Distributor Of E-Cat Motors Is Owned By A Trust Of Investors

Wannabe competitors just won’t give up on Andrea Rossi! The E-Cat Motor inventor had made it clear for the nth time that he will not have his E-Cat tested to satisfy the curiosity of individuals or entities, more so if these people are most likely to copy his invention and become competitors. It is almost laughable that this millionaire, Dick Smith, has the nerve to offer one million to Andrea Rossi to test his E-Cat. It did not say whether Dick Smith offered one million Euros or Dollars. But the point is his offer came a wee-bit too late. Continue reading